Frequently Asked Questions


How does BrokrBook determine which brokers are right for me?

Our knowledge and expertise enable BrokrBook to effectively connect our clients with the right brokers to meet their real estate requirement. Post-project reviews provide insight into our broker recommendations. Reviews include the client feedback questionnaire and BrokrNotes, our own evaluation of the transaction.

When do I get my rebate check?

Following industry practice for brokers, clients will be reimbursed once the broker receives his/her commission at the closing.

What type of clients do BrokrBook service?

BrokrBook engages commercial and residential real estate clients of all types – buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees.

What markets does BrokrBook cover?

BrokrBook currently services the Tri-State area, however our network is continually growing, so please let us know where you are looking for a broker and we will be happy to help you find the right one!

Are you a broker?

Tired of cold-calling? Connect with pre-qualified leads!

Become a broker
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Know someone who needs a residential or commercial broker?

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What is Brokrbook?

Finding a commercial real estate broker no longer has to be a daunting task. BrokrBook matches you with the perfect commercial leasing agent to fit your business needs. We know the struggles of searching for a broker that has your best interests in mind. Let us do the heavy lifting and help your company change locations with ease.